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The Digital Marketing School For Irish Businesses

Everything you need in order to learn how to increase your sales from Digital Marketing

If you join the Digital Marketing School you get 12 months access to our members website. On the members website ...

a) You can get a downloadable digital marketing plan that shows you how to increase your sales (covering social media marketing, Video marketing and website marketing)

b) Over 10,000 businesses have attended the courses we deliver for 9 Local Enterprise Offices and you can get instant access to 20 of our latest Digital Marketing courses. These are step-by-step video lessons which show you “what to do in your plan and how to do it”  – so you can learn at your own pace, any time that suits you.

c) Plus each month you can attend  a live training course over Zoom which cover the main topics in-depth – or watch a replay if you can’t make the session.



10 Reasons why people join The Digital Marketing School

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1. They want to learn how to increase their sales using Digital Marketing

Since Covid 19 every business has started promoting themselves online which has increased online competition.  If you own your own business, or your job is to market a business online, our members website has step-by-step training courses which show you what to do across SEO, website marketing, free (organic) social media, paid ads on Facebook & Instagram and video marketing.

2. They want a digital marketing plan that explains step-by-step what needs to be done

Most businesses do not have a digital marketing plan with the result that they are focusing too much on the wrong aspects of digital marketing or their efforts are disjointed.  On the members website you will get a digital marketing plan which shows you step-by-step how to approach digital marketing,  what to focus on and how it all fits together.

3. They want to watch and rewatch video lessons at their own pace

There are lots of training courses out there that you can book on to, but it involves attending during working hours and very unlikely that you will get to watch a replay.  One of the main benefits of the Digital Marketing School is that you can watch a training course at any time that suits you and you can re-watch lessons at your own pace.

4. They want complicated Digital Marketing topics explained simply

Have you noticed that Digital Marketing is getting more and more complicated? Your trainer in the Digital Marketing School is Evan Mangan and over 10,000 Irish businesses have attended the training courses that he delivers for 9 Local Enterprise Offices in Ireland.  He knows how to explain complicated topics like SEO, Facebook ads or video editing in a way that is easy to understand.

5. They attended a Local Enterprise Office (LEO) course and would like to watch all of Evan's courses plus they want more than what was delivered in a LEO course

If you have attended one of the courses that Evan delivers on behalf of 9 Local Enterprise Offices, you might want to attend more of his courses.  All the courses that Evan delivers for the LEOs are on the members website in addition to lots of other courses that are not offered through the LEOs.  Plus, Evan goes into more intermediate and advanced tactics on the members website which, due to time constraints, he doesn’t cover in the LEO courses.

6. They want to keep their Digital Marketing skills up to date in an area that is constantly changing

Things are constantly changing on Instagram, Facebook, Google etc.  Each month Evan keeps members updated on what has changed in the world of Digital Marketing and how it impacts their marketing.  Also, each month there is a Live Zoom training course for members where Evan covers a topic in detail and shares the latest digital marketing tactics.

7. They want to learn about a topic in detail eg. Facebook ads, video marketing, SEO

Would you like to learn how to use Instagram for marketing?  On the members website there are 6 courses covering everything from getting started to Stories, Reels and Shopping.  Would you like to learn how to advertise on Facebook?  There are 4 courses ranging from getting started to advanced tactics.  The members website will allow you to master big digital marketing topics such as website marketing, video marketing, Facebook ads and Instagram marketing.

8. They want Digital Marketing courses that use Irish examples (not American or UK)

There are lots of YouTube videos and online courses out there but most of them use US or UK examples when  demonstrating.  On the members website, Evan shows you how Irish businesses are using digital marketing and what an Irish business should be doing.

9. They want a Digital Marketing Trainer that they know they can trust

When you join the Digital Marketing School your trainer is Evan Mangan.  Evan was previously Head of Direct Marketing at BT, Head of Customer & New Media Marketing at Orange and Head of European Marketing at Yahoo! Mobile.  Over 10,000 Irish businesses have attended the digital marketing training courses that he delivers on behalf of 9 Local Enterprise Offices, and he has delivered guest lectures on social media marketing at the Institute of Technology Tralee (now rebranded to Munster Technological University - MTU).

10. They get all of this at an affordable price with a risk free money back guarantee

We have priced the 12 months annual membership with access to over 20 online training courses at a rate that would be affordable to all businesses.  We also want you to be able to join the Digital Marketing School risk-free, so we offer a no quibble 7-day refund.  If after 7 days, you feel the content of the school wasn’t what you expected or wasn’t useful for you simply let us know and we will cancel your membership and refund your money.

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