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How to run a Facebook & Instagram ad campaign

This online training course will show you how to use Advanced  targeting options for your Facebook & Instagram Ads, including Remarketing

Once you understand the fundamentals and you are comfortable creating ads, then move on to this more advanced course which is a replay of a Live Zoom training for members of the School.  The fundamentals course does cover some advanced targeting but this course ...

  1. Goes into more detail on advanced targeting options
  2. Also looks at retargeting campaigns in more detail.
  3. Includes lots of answers to questions members asked during the live Session


Key Sections of the training course


Retargeting people who visit your website

  • How Retargeting works
  • How to create retargeting audiences of 30 days and 180 days
  • How to get your Pixel and how to place it on your website
  •  How to check if the Pixel is already on your website
  •  Huge pitfall to avoid – make sure it is your Pixel and not a member of staffs pixel
  • How to ensure you are GDPR compliant
  • How to target your most engaged website visitors
  • How to target people who visit specific pages of your website so you can tailor your ad to that product or service
  • How to target people who ‘added to cart’ but didn’t purchase


Two Other advanced Targeting Options

  • Engagement Audiences: How to target everyone who has engaged with your Facebook or Instagram posts or adverts over the past year – even if they don’t follow you
  • Lookalike audiences: How to target  the top 1% of people in the country who Facebook thinks are most similar to your website visitors or your Facebook page followers 


Selecting the audiences when running an ad

  • How do you then select these audiences when you are running an ad campaign


Watch a sample video lesson from this course

How to target your most engaged website visitors



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