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How to get a new website on a budget

You'll learn how to go about getting a new website on a budget and the main pitfalls to avoid.

11 Video Lessons (31 mins of lessons)


Are you thinking about getting a new website or perhaps you are thinking about upgrading your existing site to a new one? In this course you watch video lessons which cover ...


1. How to buy a domain name for your site
2. Pitfalls to avoid when registering a domain name
3. What is hosting and how to choose a hosting package
4. Pitfalls you should try to avoid regarding hosting
5. What are the main types of website and which suits your needs
6. Option 1: Find a local web designer
7. Option 2: Buy a WordPress theme
8. Three ways to find a WordPresss theme for your business
9. How to get your website theme updated with your content
10. Option 3: Sites that make it easy to build your own website
11. Which option should you choose.



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