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Digital Marketing Planning

In this online training course you will be shown step by step how to create a  Digital Marketing Plan for your business


90 minute training course


Key Sections of the training course


Overview of a Digital Marketing Plan framework

Ensure you have a high quality website that has some fundamentals in place

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Pixel

Then start by focusing on “converting” visitors.

  • Written & video testimonials
  • Product video
  • Call to action buttons & FB messenger


Then move up the funnel to “Engaging visitors”

  • Ensure the page loads quickly.
  • Ensure you have an SSL cert.
  • Have a video embedded on the main landing pages.
  • Explain what makes you different – have a ‘why choose us’ page.
  • Bullet point key features/benefits of your products/services.
  • Highlight any media coverage you have received.
  • Write blog posts about topics that visitors would be interested in and highlight these blog posts on key pages to engage and build trust.


Only then focus on the top of the funnel – how to drive traffic to the site.

  • Learn how to design images and make videos for your marketing
  • Focus on getting found high up in Google for free (Organic, image & map)
  • Consider paying to appear in Google ads in search
  • Become active on the best social networks for your business
  • Decide how best you can target your audiences through Facebook and Instagram ads
  • Test running some Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns
  • Run Campaigns that “retarget” your website visitors
  • Send out email marketing campaigns


Then look at the bottom of the funnel - Focus on cross-selling and up-selling existing customers


Analyse what is working and not working and make changes.

A  one page checklist for your plan

How your plan would be calendarised over 6 months


Plus - members of the Digital Marketing School get a downloadable Digital Marketing Plan which you can follow


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Or join today with a risk free money back guarantee.


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