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Marketing Using Your Facebook Business Page

In this online training course you'll learn how to use your Facebook business page for marketing 

12  Video Lessons (1 Hour 32 mins of lessons)


Would you like to learn how to use a Facebook business page to market your business? This fundamentals course will explain how to get started, how to setup your page correctly, what you should be posting and how to post. The video lessons in the course cover ...


  1. The big picture: An overview of person profiles and business pages
  2. How to create a business page and how to brand it.
  3. How to add a video to the header area of your page.
  4. How to fill in the About section of your page.
  5. How to adjust your page settings and how to make someone else an admin.
  6. How to configure Messenger settings for your page.
  7. What should you post? How to develop a posting plan.
  8. How to post a single image.
  9. How to post multiple images.
  10. How to post a link to a webpage.
  11. How to post a video and how not to do it.
  12. How to schedule your posts.


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