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How to get started in the Digital Marketing School

How to get started

I meet a lot of people  in the workshops that I deliver who are very focused on one aspect of digital marketing e.g. Facebook ads or Instagram and they don't have the big Digital Marketing picture. Without the big picture it's hard to know where you should be going and what you should be focused on.

This Digital Marketing School has been designed to help you increase your sales by approaching your digital marketing in the following way:-

Step 1: Get your Digital Marketing plan here. Watch the video, download and print the plan and understand the sequence of steps you should follow to implement it.

Step 2: You should then watch the big picture classes. These are short videos designed to give you an overview of a digital marketing topic so you understand how you should approach it. New classes will be added throughout the year.

Step 3: Then choose a training course and action plan for an area that you want to focus on e.g. SEO.   Download the step-by-step actions and watch video lessons that show you how to implement key actions.  This is the main part of the school with up to 200 video lessons so far.  These lessons are essentially the latest versions of my training courses.  New action plans and lessons will be added throughout the year.

Step 4: Keep updated by attending a live "Zoom" training course each month (or watch the recording)  where we will go in-depth on a topic and you can ask me questions.  Also,  keep updated about the main changes in digital marketing - I will let you know each month what has changed on Google, Facebook Instagram etc.

There will be new content added each month and as things change and become out of date I will be updating the lessons and plans to ensure you always have the latest plan and tactics for your business. I will keep you updated each month with what has been added and updated to your school.

All the best


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