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How to run a Facebook & Instagram ad campaign

This online training course will show you how to setup Facebook & Instagram ads Conversion tracking 


In previous courses we looked at how to measure the effectiveness of  your ad campaign and adsets in the Ads manager tool. However, we only covered how to judge a campaign based on the number of clicks to your website and the cost per click.

However, rather than just looking at clicks to your website, it is much better if you can measure how many people converted on your website - a conversion could be a sale, an enquiry or an email sign up . In this course we look at how to setup conversion tracking and there are also answers to lots of questions asked by members of the school. Specifically we cover ...


Key Sections of the training course


How to track conversions for your FB and Instagram ads

  • What is conversion tracking?
  • How to set it up
  • How to find the report that shows you conversion tracking
  • Be aware that you could also run Conversion ad campaigns



Watch a sample video lesson from this course

How to target your most engaged website visitors




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