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How to use Twitter for marketing

In this online training course you'll learn how to tweet and how to grow your Twitter followers

19 Video Lessons (1 hour 20 mins of lessons)


Posting tweets is very similar to posting on Facebook -  a lot of the same principles apply and the mechanics of it are very similar. In these lessons you'll learn how to Tweet images, links  to your website, videos plus  how to add hashtags, how to mentions another account and how to retweet.

You'll also learn how to grow your followers on Twitter. Specifically the  video lessons in the course cover ...


  1. About the 280 character limit
  2. How to tweet an image and text
  3. How to tweet multiple images
  4. How to add hashtags
  5. How to add a link to a website to your tweet
  6. How to tweet a link to a Youtube video
  7. How to attach a video to your tweet
  8. How to delete or edit a tweet
  9. How to mention another account
  10. How to retweet
  11. How to tweet a poll
  12. Getting started - what should you post in order to attract follower
  13. Growing your followers - get these two things right
  14. Grow your followers by getting retweeted
  15. Grow your followers by converting your website visitors
  16. Grow your followers by using relevant hashtags
  17. Grow your followers by leveraging your emails
  18. Grow your followers by leveraging Linkedin
  19. Recap on the main ways to use Twitter for marketing


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