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How to use Instagram for marketing

In this course online training course you'll learn about the fundamentals of Instagram marketing - what are the different areas in Instagram and how to use Instagram for marketing your business


Would you like to learn how to use Instagram for marketing? This course explains the fundamentals that you need to know.


Key Sections of the training course

1 - introduction to the fundamentals course

2 - The big picture - a 4 step approach to marketing on Instagram

3 - Overview of the menu navigation

4 - How to create more that one account in the Instagram  app

5- How to setup your profile correctly

6 - 2 settings you should be aware of

7 - Why you should switch to a business or creator account

8 - How search works and how to get your account and posts found.

9 - How the newsfeed works

10 - What should you post and how to develop a posting plan

11 - Overview of IGTV

12 - Overview of Instagram stories

13 - Overview of Instagram Reels

14 - Overview of Instagram shopping

15 - How to post an image

16 - How to post multiple images

17 - How to post a video

18 - How to post an IGTV video

19 How to schedule posts on your phone using Business Suite app

20 - How to post and schedule your post from your computer


Wondering what a video lesson is like? View a sample lesson below






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