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Live Training each month using "Zoom"

In this online training course you'll learn how to create and use Instagram Reels for marketing your business

Reels has become one of the most important ways to use Instagram for marketing because they tend to get more reach and engagement than posts and Stories.  You can get immediate access to a 3 hour training course which shows you everything you need to know.


Key Sections of the training course


What are Instagram Reels?

  • Quick initial demo of how to create a Reel
  • Why businesses are seeing significantly more reach and engagement with Reels


How to find examples of Reels and great music

  • How to find examples of Reels for your industry or by similar businesses to yours
  • How to ensure you get the full music library
  • How to save and use music from other Reels that you like


Overview of different types of business Reels you could create including examples

  • Reels that showcase a product
  • Reels that showcase a service
  • Educational Reels from coaches  / trainers / consultants
  • Tourism Reels that showcase a location
  • Reels that are part of a theme
  • Behind the scenes Reels
  • Fun Reels

 How to create a Reel that involves just video clips,  music and text

  • How to edit clips within your Reel
  • How to add text


How to create a Reel by speaking to the camera

Examples of Reels with voiceover - How to add a voiceover to a Reel (Using the inbuilt tool in Reels)

Examples of Reels with footage - How to overlay footage onto your Reel video in order to make it very impactful -  using Filmora Editor

How to download any Reel to your PC in order to then use the music in a Reel (that you are going to edit in an external editor like Filmora)

Examples of Reels with green screen - How to create a Reel using the inbuilt green screen effect

The best way to share your Reel to your Story

How to get the embed code if you want to put your Reel onto your Website

How to choose a cover  for your Reel – to ensure it works as a square and vertical cover image  (In your notes I have also included slides showing you how to design a cover in Canva)



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