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How to get found high up in Google search results

In this online SEO training course you'll learn what you need to do to get found high up in Google's organic (free)  search results

28 Video Lessons (1 hour and 20 mins of lessons) Plus an Action Plan


Would you like to understand what needs to be done on your website in order for you to start appearing on page 1 of Google search results? Lots of people who own websites don't understand SEO and feel dependant on their web designer. 


This course is a beginner guide to SEO and explains to business owners what you need to do and how to do it. In the course

1. You can download a step by step action plan

2. You can watch 28 video lessons which cover ...


  • An overview of SEO – how it works
  • How to go about doing keyword research
  • How to do Keyword research using Google Suggest
  • How to do Keyword research by looking at competitors websites
  • How to do keyword research  using Keyword Planner tool
  • How to do keyword research  using Answer the Public
  • How to choose a final list of Keywords / search terms
  • Overview of onsite optimisation
  • How to create a meta titles and description working document
  • How to update your page meta titles in wordpress
  • How to update a page meta description
  • How to tag your images
  • Overview of technical optimisation of your website
  • How to test whether Google sees your site as mobile friendly
  • Why you should add internal links
  • Why you should ensure there is no canonicalisation
  • How to check your page load speed
  • Why you need an SSL cert
  • How to verify your site with Google search console
  • How to check the domain authority of your site (and competitors)
  • Why backlinks are important
  • How to quickly check where you appear on Google for lots of search terms
  • How to check how much traffic your getting from search engines
  • How to check how many sales you are getting from search traffic



Wondering what a video lesson is like? View a sample lesson below


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