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How to increase website enquiries and sales

In this online training course you'll learn what you need to do to increase the number or enquiries and sales you get from your website

22 Video Lessons (1 hour 5 mins of lessons) Plus an Action Plan


This course explains what you should do on your website in order to increase the amount of enquiries and sales you get from website visitors.

1. You can download a step by step action plan

2. You can watch 22 video lessons which cover ...

  • An overview of how to generate more enquiries and sales
  • What is Google Analytics
  • How to signup for Google analytics
  • How to setup ecommerce tracking
  • How to setup bot filtering
  • Ensure you have an SSL cert so visitors are not scared off
  • How to check how quickly your page loads
  • How to watch videos of your website visitors browsing your site (2 videos)
  • How you can tell how far down your page visitors are scrolling
  • How to tell what people are clicking on in your pages
  • Why should your web visitors choose you?
  • How to highlight key features and benefits of your products
  • How to make your own product video
  • How to make your own testimonial videos
  • How to embed Facebook reviews on your website
  • Why you need Call To Action buttons
  • How to integrate Facebook messenger on your website to generate enquiries
  • How to check the conversion rate on your site
  • How to check how many sales we generated on the site last week / month
  • How to check where your sales are coming from eg Search or social media


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